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The Berkeley Solutions Group (BSG), sponsored by the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, offers consulting services from MBA students at the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley. BSG services both established and start-up public, private, and nonprofit organizations in various industries with a presence in the Bay Area. Leveraging an exceptionally diverse and talented student body with expertise across various business functions and industries, BSG provides assistance to organizations on a short-term project basis.

 Nature of Projects

BSG consultants undertake projects of strategic nature that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Strategy recommendation
  • Financing analysis
  • Operational structure
  • Competitive profiling

 Expertise of Consultants

The deep and varied expertise of our student body is reflected within our project teams, which may be composed of a mathematician, an economist, an engineer, and a biologist with backgrounds in management consulting, investment banking, advertising, and software engineering, for example. What they all share is The Berkeley MBA experience, and the desire to help solve your business problems. Inspired by entrepreneurial spirit, our project teams can tackle a wide variety of corporate challenges.

Fee Structure

Fees for BSG consulting services will be determined based on the scope of the work and the time required to complete the project. Since our organization was established to be mutually beneficial to our clients and MBA candidates alike, BSG charges well below market rates for our first-rate consulting services.

Timing of Projects

BSG consultants typically complete projects on the academic semester timeline – starting in September and ending early December for the fall semester; starting in late January and ending mid-May for the spring semester. In order to maximize benefits to your company, as well as the learning experience of the BSG consultants, we recommend limiting projects to approximately six weeks. A six-week timeframe ensures both focused agenda for your company and extensive rotation opportunities for our consultants.

Next steps

If your company is interested in working with the Berkeley Solutions Group or you would like to learn more about our organization please do not hesitate to contact us at bsg@lists.haas.berkeley.edu.



Gaurav Chawla, President

Lily Chou, VP Operations

Mark Stolze, VP Marketing