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  • Finance Club

    MBA Clubs - Industry


    If you have any interest in pursuing an internship or career in a finance-related field, you should definitely consider joining the Finance Club. Club members receive benefits that far outweigh the cost of membership. The majority of our events, including Firm Night, the Wall Street Trip and alumni happy hours, are open to club members only. In addition, you will receive access to the club member contact database, which is an invaluable source for career networking.

    Membership are $35 for one year and $50 for two as well as three years and you can sign up online. If you prefer, you can also write a check made payable to the "Haas Finance Club" and place it in our CFO Chuck Doppelt's mailbox in the graduate student lounge. Include the following information on the check:

    -Class, Year (example: MBA 10, EWMBA 10, BCEMBA 10)
    -email address (default: - this is the preferred address also)
    -full name (if it is different from the name listed on the check) should match the name on the facebook
    If you have any questions about membership, please contact Chuck by clicking here

    MBAA membership is required to join the Finance Club. Please consult your program office for more instruction on joining MBAA.

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