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  • Haas Consulting Club

    MBA Clubs - Industry

    Web site Mission Contact: Ankur Jain, Jordan Baxter, Sandra Tamer, Email group officers

    Thank you for signing up for the Haas Consulting Club! We will validate you within the next few days. If you need access to our materials sooner or have any questions about the club, please email us at Consultingclub@haas.berkeley.edu.

    You can also go to our website at http://haas.campusgroups.com/consulting

    Again, welcome to the Haas Consulting Club and thank you for your time.

    There are other price options available:
    • $35 (One academic year membership (Haas only)) - Membership will end on 30 May 2019
    • $50 (Multiple academic year membership - ends at Graduation, up to 3 years (Haas only)) - Membership will end on 29 May 2021
    • $25 (Limited Access one academic year membership (Other Cal Graduate programs, Exchange students)) - Membership will end on 30 May 2019
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