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Applying for Admissions Ambassador:

  1. October 2nd Week Fri 5PM: ‚ÄčEmail Admissions & EWMBAA a few sentences explaining why you think you would make a great Admissions Ambassador.
  2. The Admissions team will schedule brief interviews and notify selected Ambassadors by end of October.

Applying to represent at Admissions Events Only:

  • Are you interested in participating in events for prospective students, but not necessarily able to be an Admissions Ambassador? Not to worry!
  • Fill out this brief survey to let us know if you would like to participate in Q&As, webinars, and other events during the school year! 

PLEASE NOTE: In 2016, we transitioned the EWMBA Admissions Ambassadors out of the EWMBA Association, and they will report to the Admissions Department. This transition will better serve the timing of Admissions events, which primarily occur between October-April. Previously, EWMBAA VPs of Admissions were not appointed until January or February, which did not coincide with the times that these Ambassadors would be most active.  Admissions Ambassadors will continue to work closely with the EWMBAA team. 

We are looking for students with great organizational and interpersonal skills that are passionate about promoting the Haas MBA experience and recruiting the best possible candidates for the EWMBA. We are looking to appoint about 2-3 students from each year.

From Amelia Rose Kusar, c/o 2018: "Having done this work for the past year, I can personally tell you that it was INCREDIBLY rewarding to  share my experiences with prospective students. It was also a great way to meet other EWMBAs from different years and cohorts who were just as enthusiastic about recruiting new Haasies!"


Description: Admissions Ambassadors for the Academic Year

Each year, the EWMBA Admissions team selects 2-3 students from each class to assist in the admissions function of the program and to act as the Class Ambassador(s). This is an exciting position for those who enjoy networking and meeting new people, and who want to help shape next year’s incoming class.

The Admissions Ambassadors will fulfill the responsibilities below and generally act as liaison between the current students and the Admissions team. They should have an interest in the recruiting aspects of the program, as well as its various marketing activities, and a genuine enthusiasm for the Berkeley Evening and Weekend MBA Program. The level of commitment for this role is highest between October-April, when outreach to admitted students and current student volunteers at events is busiest.

This individuals should be highly motivated and organized, have a high customer service orientation, and strong interpersonal skills.

Duties include facilitating classmate involvement in admissions/marketing related functions:

  • Be a student panelist for information sessions both on-campus and off-campus, and recruit classmates to be student presenters as well.

  • Connect with prospective candidates (phone or email) during the admissions process and recruit other classmates for the same.

  • Meet with potential program candidates on campus; introduce candidates to students and faculty and answer questions as needed.

  • Serve as Class Ambassador for the class visitor program and recruit other classmates as class visitor hosts to welcome visitors to class. Coordinate with Administration to match visitors with students by identifying Class Ambassadors in each class.

  • Organize current students for on-campus recruitment events: these include one Saturday lunch with current students (10/22) and Haas Visitation Day (3/4/17) in the spring.

  • Work with VPs of Alumni Relations and Social to coordinate yield events for admitted students.

  • Attend yield receptions/events, as needed, and recruit other classmates for the same.

  • Match current students with newly admitted students for email outreach based on related background, and industry/ job function.

  • When needed, participate in various marketing projects such as social media and events, student blog, videos for website, etc., and recruit other classmates for the same.

  • Regular meetings with the Admissions team. Share ideas and suggestions.