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Interested in how YOU can give back to the EWMBA Program?

  1. BECOME AN AMBASSADOR for recruiting prospective students!
    1. Student Panels @ Info Sessions
    2. Meet & Greet Prospective Students @ Events
    3. Volunteer for 1-on-1 interactions with Prospective Students
    4. Sign Me Up! Spring 2016 Sign Up
  2. VOLUNTEER FOR ORIENTATION for the incoming EW Class!
    1. Orientation generally happens the first weekend of August
    2. Volunteer Positions:
      1. Cohort Rep: Guide your Cohort through orientation, start to finish
      2. Help Orientation Events (bridge building, PFPS business card, etc)
      3. Serve Wine @ Reception
      4. Help with general logistics, talk with incoming EW's, etc
    3. Volunteer Signups begin in Spring from the VP's of Orientation & Admissions
    4. Sign Me Up! Coming in Spring.....