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Food@Haas Club Overview

  • Operating as both a club for those interested in careers in the food industry as well as those who just love food, Food@Haas is one of the largest, most encompassing clubs on campus.  As a part of the overall Berkeley Food ecosystem, we partner with organizations across Berkeley to tackle food challenges and collaborate with other programs on campus.   

Key Activities

Food@Haas supports your career interests through the following activities:

  • Career Treks: Treks to a broad array of food-related companies, including Retail/CPG, tech and startups, food service and restaurant operations and consulting.
  • Dinners & Cooking: Because we love to eat, and we love to cook.  Dinners out around the Bay Area, intimate cooking sessions at your classmates’ homes, and everything in between.
  • Visits, Tours & Crawls: Travel to different food-meccas!  Tour specialty food production facilities!  Feast on dim sum and fried chicken! 

Industry-Focused Electives

Haas and greater Berkeley electives to help you learn about the food industry:

  • Edible Education, Will Rosenzweig & Alice Waters – a broad overview of food systems and policies from notable chef and speaker Alice Waters.  Spring Semester.
  • Food Venture Lab, Will Rosenzweig – a hands-on look at identifying and solving real-world problems in the food startup space.  Fall Semester.
  • Food@Haas Speaker Series: Fall B 2017!  

Sample Internship & Full-Time Opportunities

Recent Haas internships/full-time opportunities from food-related industries:

  • Starbucks
  • Amazon Fresh
  • UberEats
  • Revolution Foods
  • Tin Shed Ventures
  • Plenty
  • Clif
  • Patagonia Provisions
  • Farmers Business Network
  • WhiteWave
Interested in joining Food@Haas or getting involved when you get to Haas? Reach out to co-presidents Shom Gupta (shom_gupta@berkeley.edu) or Jose Alonso (alonsoja30@berkeley.edu)