UC Berkeley Haas School of Business | Groups



We have 3 main groups of activities for Haas students:

  1. Building Appreciation of the Arts

    We organize opportunities for MBA students to be more exposed to the arts in the Bay Area. This would take the form of group trips to attend an opera, ballet, symphony performance, play, jazz festival, art museum, etc. We partner with Cal Performances to offer discounted student tickets to the top performances during the season.

  2. Fostering Creative Pursuits

    We'll showcase and build upon artistic talents of Haas students. We organized Haas Concert (classical music concert) and Haas Talent Show (mixed visual arts and live performances) annually which draws attration of nearly 300 students in each event.

  3. Applying Skills from the Arts to Business Settings and Vice Versa

    There are valuable lessons from the performing arts world that could be applied to the business world, including managing projects under uncertainty, channeling creative energy and handling the pressure of ‘performance’. We organize educational opportunities for students to learn business & leadership skills via "Artist Talks" series with distinguished guest speakers (e.g. a conductor from San Francisco Symphony).

    In turn, Haas students can engage in marketing, financial modeling, management, or strategy projects for the benefit of arts organizations in San Francisco. This activity can be integrated into Applied Innovation Courses or in the form of an independent study. We'll announce more details during the year. Haas Arts members have exclusive opportunities to join these projects.

    Check CampusGroup to join our upcoming events!