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HHA Healthcare Speaker Series

The HHA Healthcare Speaker Series is often an incoming student's first touchpoint with the healthcare business ecosystem at Berkeley and in the Bay Area. Organized by the Association, the speaker series course is 6‐weeks long and features nationally recognized speakers examining trends in Biotech, Pharma, Digital Health, Providers, Payers, Public and Global Health. Each two-hour session typically consists of 2-3 speakers with 30- to 60-minute timeslots and a concluding 30-minute panel discussion with the audience.

Abstract of Course Contents and Objectives:

The course aims to help students interested in healthcare learn about current key topics in different parts of the ever-changing healthcare industry. Students will also have a chance to know how to get involved in healthcare-related opportunities across the Berkeley campus.  Guest speakers at innovative companies will share their experiences and insights with class participants through presentations and/or panel discussions. The presentations and discussions will include both overview of the industry as well as a deep-dive in to key topics. All those interested in the healthcare industry will get a better understanding of the key challenges companies and organizations are currently facing. Knowledge and insights from this course would not only help students decide whether or not healthcare is an industry they would like to pursue but also what part of healthcare piques their curiosity. 

Academic Credit

By enrolling in MBA294.6, students can receive 1-unit of academic credit for this Fall A (August - October) course.