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A career in private equity favors those with investment banking backgrounds, so similar skills are required. Additionally, private equity firms seek solid familiarity specifically with private equity transactions.

We recommend the following classes:
• MBA 222 Financial Information Analysis
• MBA 227B Taxes and Firm Strategy
• MBA 231 Corporate Finance
• MBA 232 Financial Institutions and Markets
• MBA 237 Designing Financial Models That Work
• MBA 237 Private Equity: Leveraged Buyouts 
• MBA 252 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
• MBA 277 Deals  
• MBA 290T Future of Information Technology
• MBA 295A Entrepreneurship
• MBA 295B Venture Capital and Private Equity
• MBA 295D New Venture Finance   

These electives also are likely to be helpful:
• MBA 211 Game Theory 
• MBA 218A International Finance
• MBA 223 Corporate Financial Reporting
• MBA 224A Managerial Accounting
• MBA 233 Investments
• MBA 237 Risk Management
• MBA 236A Futures and Options Markets
• MBA 236E Mergers and Acquisitions
• MBA 237 Behavioral Finance
• MBA 280 Real Estate and Urban Land Economics 
• MBA 283 Real Estate Financing

In addition, PE Club offers informal speaker series that invites PE practitioners to come on campus and speak to students interested in the industry.