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Q@Haas, like Berkeley and the greater Bay Area, is known for its diverse, inclusive, and affirming spirit. We are one of the largest and most active clubs at Haas. We sponsor socials, educational panels, mentoring programs, workshops, recruiting events, alumni mixers, and much more – for both LGBT students and the broader Haas community.

Many students have shared that they worried business school culture might be inhospitable to LGBT students, until they came to Haas. Haas is an open and welcoming community, where the experiences and perspectives of all people are valued.

As such, it comes as no surprise that there are significant numbers of open and out students in each of Haas' programs - including the full time, evening/weekend, and PhD programs - just as there is wide LGBT representation among the Haas staff. While the Haas community doesn't pressure anyone to come out, many students not out prior to Haas have found the environment so welcoming that they choose to do so during their time on campus.

Q@Haas members with Dean Lyons

We have both international and domestic students who are active members in Q@Haas. Students regularly bring same-sex dates to both official and unofficial campus event, and same-sex partners and spouses are encouraged to join the Haas Partners Club.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are regularly included in conversations and programs discussing broader issues of diversity and culture. The Admissions and Financial Aid offices have programs specifically designed for and targeted to LGBT students, while the career services and alumni offices actively encourage and support LGBT networking events both on and off campus.

Q@Haas actively encourages all students to participate in events, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Moreover, because we have such a strong community of allies, the vast majority of MBA students are Q@Haas members. See below for our guide to being an LGBT ally, which was distributed to students, faculty, and staff across all programs at Haas.