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        Bear Cubs will work with student parents to connect with one another and build community among those with like challenges. Students and their families tend to become less engaged with the broader MBA community, given the demands and time constraints at home. Much of the current programming is not family friendly, due to poor timing, venue, etc.

By holding both on- and off-campus activities, we aim to better integrate student parents, partners and their children into the Haas community. Not only will this enhance the MBA student life for student parents, it will also enrich the MBA student life for the broader student body.

Bear Cubs will also provide information and resources for new, incoming and current student parents. Finally, we will act as a voice with the MBAA, program office, Academic Office and Dean’s office on behalf of parents and children to enrich the educational experience for students with families.




Kathleen and Rafael Amado
They moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Berkeley and are excited to start this adventure with baby Noah! They love traveling and partying together. Rafa loves to BBQs while Kathy enjoys planning events of every kind. You can count on them for information regarding being an international family in the US and having a baby abroad. Kathleen and Rafael will become parents for the first time this year. This is going to be such an amazing experience or them!                                                    


Nina Borges

Nina is the mother to 18 month Alice and 5 year old Rafael. She's originally from Brazil, where she was one of the leading lawyers in green resources and sustainability for the Sao Paulo City Hall before moving to the University Village in July 2017. She enjoys watching rugby matches with her husband Igor, she loves traveling and playing with her children. Nina has a passion for volunteering and was a Clown Doctor for children in one of Latin America's largest hospitals. Feel free to ask her any questions, from moving overseas to learning English and raising children in the Village - Nina will be glad to help!

Claire Koshland
VP Events

Claire is a Haas Partner and new mom to 6-month-old Simon. She and her husband Jake moved to Berkeley from Brooklyn, New York while Claire was 7 months pregnant--Simon was born on the very first day of school! Claire is originally from Morristown, New Jersey but Jake is a California native from Menlo Park. Claire is currently a stay-at-home parent but plans to go back to teaching elementary school soon. Believe it or not, both Claire and Jake agree that business school has been a great time to become first time parents. They would be happy to tell you more about their experiences!

Farida and Jamil Bashir
VP Communication/Resources & VP Sponsorship

Farida and Jamil are the parents of 21 month old Jabril and 4 month old Murad. Farida is a native New Yorker, while Jamil hails from Philly. They moved their family (including three cats) across the country from Philly. As a family, they love exploring - both domestically and internationally; They’re always on the move! Jamil is a coffee connoisseur while Farida loves all things crafty. Ask them any questions about family life at Haas and they’ll know the answer!