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Haas Bear Cubs Club (Family Club) will work with student parents to connect with one another and build community among those with like challenges. Students and their families tend to become less engaged with the broader MBA community, given the demands and time constraints at home.

By holding both on- and off-campus activities, we aim to better integrate student parents, partners and their children into the Haas community. Not only will this enhance the MBA student life for student parents, but it will also enrich the MBA student life for the broader student body.

Bear Cubs will also provide information and resources for new, incoming and current student parents. Finally, we will act as a voice with the MBAA, program office, Academic Office and Dean’s office on behalf of parents and children to enrich the educational experience for students with families.




Moto Takai - President
Yuko Takai - VP Events
Moto and Yuko are parents to 5-year old Sunny and 3-year old Chise. They are both excited to make Haas more inclusive through this club. Coming from Japan, Moto loves eating and drinking. Despite that, he is still trying to adjust to the outgoing atmosphere of Haas, so reach out to him for any help that he can provide. It’s Yuko's first time living abroad, so she considers herself a “beginner.” She relates, "When I first came here, I always said 'what should I do?!' Now I’m a beginner of the VP Events, saying 'what should I do?!' If you’re also a beginner of something, join forces with Yuko and she can share her personal experiences and information with you!                                                 


Elang (Erlangga) Renggana
VP Sponsorships
Elang moved to the Bay Area from Jakarta, Indonesia along with his wife Stella and their daughter, Callista, They had to travel more than 30 hours to get here! Elang and Stella both were Bankers in their hometown, working at the same company and in the same building (they met at the office!)  Elang loves movies, coffee, video games and spending time with his family, especially playing with Callista! They plan to travel all around US while they are here.  Ask them about Family life at Haas, they would love to share their experience.

Chris Cordova and
Ilder Betancourt
VP Communications and VP Resources
Chris and Ilder are parents to 10-year-old Jael, 7-year-old Isabela, and 2-year-old Julieta. They are originally from Los Angeles, and lived on the other side of the Bay for several years during their undergrad. As their family grew, they called Arizona “home” before returning to the Bay. Ilder is a Dean at San Jose City College while Chris explores careers in tech and VC. On their “free time” (ha!), they enjoy family time playing video games, watching movies, or exploring the East Bay foodie spots. Reach out to them for any questions about raising elementary-school aged children in the Village, balancing busy schedules, or being a student mom! 

Elena Fumagalli Romario
VP Events
Elena is Italian and mom to 10-month-old Gabriella. She’s a Chemical Engineer and married to Henrique, a Brazilian. They met in Italy during a University Exchange Program and have lived both in Italy and Brazil. They moved from São Paulo to the UC Village when Gabi was 4-months old. They love traveling and having a baby didn’t stop them from doing so! Both volunteered for more than 10 years for CISV International, an NGO dedicated to educating for peace through building inter-cultural friendship. Elena loves sports and learning new languages. She is currently a stay-at-home parent but plans to go back working or studying soon. Meanwhile, she’s enjoying all the extra time she gets to spend with little Gabi and will be happy to help you with any doubts on family life in Berkeley or traveling with a baby!

Maria Ignacia Valdivia
VP Events
Keep an eye on the site for her bio!


Farida Bashir
VP University Affairs

Farida is the spouse of Jamil, a 2019 MBA/MPH student who are founding members of BearCubs. They are the parents of almost 3 year old, Jabril and 17 month old, Murad. Farida is a native New Yorker who moved their family (including three cats) across the country from Philly. As a family, they love exploring - both domestically and internationally, They’re always on the move! Ask Farida any questions about family life at Haas and and she’ll know the answer!