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So, you're interested in consulting, and you want to know what courses at Haas are good for you. Or you want to find out what consulting is all about, in the relative safety of the classroom setting. Here, we will provide some academic information related to consulting.

HCC's 1-credit elective course

Every fall, we curate and teach a one-credit elective about the consulting industry. We feature talks by consultants from various firms, and by current students at Haas who have consulting experience. We also cover case interview best practices and things you need to know if you want to become a consultant. More information will be available on Resources page.

Suggested elective courses

A newly-minted MBA pursuing a career in management or strategy consulting typically begins as an associate and spends much of his/her time gathering data and performing analytical work. You need to be able to tear apart financial statements, make sense of marketing scans, interpret internal financial reports and produce succinct and coherent reports. Courses that help you develop a clear thought process and logical analysis including strategic thinking, structure and prioritization, and numerical agility are good foundations for consulting. Strong communication skills are also critical for success as a consultant.

We recommend the following courses to prepare you for entering the strategy consulting field.

  • Financial Information Analysis
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Power and Politics in Organizations
  • Marketing Research
  • Information and Technology Based Marketing
  • Future of Information Technology
  • Innovation in Services and Business Models
  • New Business Development from a Corporate Perspective

One or, at most, two of the strategy courses:

  • Strategy, Structure and Incentives
  • Competitive and Corporate Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy