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We are one of the largest student-run clubs at Haas. Join us today!
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Why join?

This club provides you the resources you need in order to get that highly competitive consulting job offer. As a member, you will get access to our collection of case interview resources, including interview guides and practice cases. These cases have been collected over many years and from actual interview experiences with all consulting firms.

The club also hosts several workshops and events to prepare you for case interviews as well as help you convert your internship offer to a full-time job offer.

OK, but how?

You can join the club by paying the membership fees. All Berkeley grad students (PhD, MPP, MPH, MS, JD, etc) interested in consulting are welcome to join.  Please note that only members of the Berkeley community are allowed to join the club.  The current fees for Haas student memberships are $50 for up to three academic years and $35 for one academic year. Exchange students and other Berkeley grad students are welcome to join for a limited access offerings at $25 for one academic year. An explanation of limited access offerings for non-Haas students is below.

Having issues joining?
The issue you may be having with Campusgroups is related to your account type. When you signed up did you register your account as "Other"? That prevents you access to HCC. You will need to see if you can change your account type to "Other Berkeley Grad". If you can't change it on your own, please contact support@campusgroups.com

Membership Offerings:

All Memberships:
  • Access to 20+ Case Books
  • Access to Management Consulting 294 Speaker series (see Resources tab for more details)
    Note: Priority to Haas students for course credit. Non-Haas availability based on open seats after Haas students have signed up, no course credit. Recording of sessions, resources, and slides available to all members.
  • Social events: happy hours, panels, etc
  • Sign up sheet to case with HCC Community
  • Firm Case Workshops - priority seats given to Haas students
    Note: Priority seats given to Haas studnets first  
Haas Memberships Only (excluded from Limited Access Memberships)
These events are not offered to Other UC Berkeley Graduate Program students or Exchange students for the following reasons: the below events are primarily to help with recruiting. Recruiting efforts and timelines vary across programs, therefore the below resources would not make sense for non-Haas studnets to take advantage of. Recruiters coming to work with Haas students are primarily seeking MBAs.
  • Firm Night - HCC flagship Fall event where MBA recruiters from consulting firms come to network with Haas students looking for full-time positions 
  • Career Week Consulting firm visits 
  • Webinars and training bootcamps facilitated by the Haas Career Management Group
  • Free Access to external web services - Rocketblocks, FastMath
  • Haas Alumni night

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Please make payments through Campus Groups, link above. Once we have processed your payment, you will be added to the club mailing list as well as given access to the Haas Consulting Club Resources.

But I have a question!

Feel free to contact us here.