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Welcome to Haas!

We at the Haas Consulting Club are delighted to welcome you to this truly wonderful institution. We hope this site gives you the information you are looking for about consulting career related activities at Haas.  Please feel free to reach out to the club if you have any more questions.

Consulting at Haas

The Haas Consulting Club is one of the largest student run clubs at Haas.  Our goal is to teach students about careers in consulting, to help prepare them for interviews, and to assist them in deciding between multiple offers.  We also work with firms and alumni to develop appropriate events to engage students. 


The consulting industry has traditionally been a big employer for Haas MBA students for many years. All the major consulting firms recruit Haas MBAs.  Due to our location, we have immediate access to the Bay Area offices of these firms, but we send students to consulting positions all across the country.  Some of the many recruiters this year are (in alphabetical order): Accenture, A. T. Kearney, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, L.E.K., McKinsey, Mercer, Parthenon, Prophet, PwC and ZS Associates.


The MBA class at Haas has students from all the major consulting firms. These classmates are a great resource for students interested in a consulting career. Our strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration enables us to make the most of our classmates' knowledge in making the job search more effective.  Selected second year students who interned in consulting will also be available to you as career coaches to effectively help you prepare for interviews.

Career Center and this club

The Career Center at Haas has a strong focus on consulting companies. With a dedicated Account Manager working with the firms, the career center has established strong relationships with various firms. In addition to the career center, the consulting club also sponsors other networking events for students to interact with various firms. The club also helps its members perform well during the recruitment process, by providing them interview practice resource.

Opportunities for Incoming Students

Please view our "Upcoming Events" page to learn about opportunities that are available to incoming MBA students.