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HaasID supports students in exploring how design thinking skills fit into business, and how business skills fit into the design world. We are a collaborative and diverse student community that encourages creativity, empathy, and weirder ways of looking at the world. 


HaasID equips students with a design thinking toolkit and an understanding of how and when to apply it. We introduce students to this space through our Design & Innovation Speaker Seriesbringing in experts from companies like Google Ventures, Airbnb, IDEO, Autodesk, and Gravity Tank

HaasID also organizes the elective Innovation Lab, a hands-on exploration and deep dive into design thinking methods. Guided by practicing industry professionals, students explore a range of approaches for each phase of the design thinking process. 

Throughout the year, we organize HaasID workshops to build skills around visual design, drawing, storytelling, and storyboarding.

Outisde of these opportunities, Haas and the larger UC Berkeley campus offer many design and innovation courses including: Fundamentals of Design, Innovation in Healthcare, Eat.Think.Design., and Design & Development of Web-Based Products and Services 


Throughout the year, HaasID organizes Career Treks to design consultancies, corporate innovation labs, and all kinds of companies that are doing interesting things. This year, we visited SYPartnersFrog DesignE&Y Innovation Lab, FuseProjectProphet, and Pixar Studios. Our members help each other navigate a career in this emerging space. 

We take community seriously. This is a safe space to foster fun and failure, to instill empathy and open-mindedness. Popular social events include the Museum Party at BAM and a Creative Cocktail Night. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to create, experience, and get inspired!


We believe in learning by doing. And we are passionate about using human-centered design to create impact. Every year we host a HaasID Innovation Challenge, a full day competition where students can solve a real business problem for a real client. Check out our Innovation Challenge page for more information!

HaasID members also organize Design Sprints for our own UC Berkeley community. We act as facilitators and collaborate with organizations on like Haas C4C on rapid problem-finding and ideation sessions.

Please let us know if you are interested in working with HaasID on a Design Sprint for your organization.