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The mission of the Haas Beer Club is threefold. First, we endeavor to strengthen the Haas spirit by creating opportunities for our members to enjoy each other's company while enjoying a tasty brew. Second, we aim to connect students and alumni with Beer Industry professionals in order to strengthen the Haas brand and generate networking opportunities. Finally, we strive to educate our members and the Haas community at large about the finer points of beer drinking. As home to the first Micro Brewery in the United States, the Bay area has much to offer in terms beer culture. From the brewing process, to the tasting methods, to varieties and selections, we want our members to appreciate all aspects of a beverage that is often underappreciated.









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The Haas Beer Club will host speakers from breweries large and small to provide salient industry prospective and networking opportunities. The club will also host a series of brewery tours designed to expose our members to the many fantastic breweries right here in northern California. For those who are interested in the art of home brewing, we hope to organize educational events that will explore the home brewing process and produce tangible (and drinkable) results. The Beer Industry Club will play an active roll in the Haas social scene through involvement in Consumption Functions, Happy Hours, and new admit events. Finally, we actively seek partnerships with other clubs to host meaningful events that will enhance the Haas experience for all students.

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Anik Mehta

VP Marketing
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Remy Freire

VP Finance/Treasurer
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John McMichael

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Evey Satterfield


E: beerclub@haas.berkeley.edu

Haas Beer Club

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