Welcome to

Haas Venture Capital Club

Our mission is to inform, inspire, and empower students to pursue a fulfilling and impactful career in venture capital. We help members explore and secure a career in Venture Capital.

What We Do


Most students come with little-to-no experience in Venture Capital. Through a mix of self-learning materials, live-workshops, classes, and speakers, you'll acquire the knowledge to be able to work on VC projects.

Professional Development

We host unique opportunities for students including office treks, conferences, and speaker engagements, research projects, and pitch review. Students are provided valuable insights on the industry and future outlook.

Relationship Building

Whether you're into traditional VC, corporate venture, or social impact, building authentic relationships is critical to getting a foot-hold in the the tight-knit VC community. The club puts on various types of social gatherings meant to build authentic relationships between students, VCs, and alumni.

Hiring Opportunities

We're taking a novel approach to help put students in front of real VCs. The bottom line, we're trying to get you hired.



The transfer of knowledge is vital for the network effort to have substantial impact. We're making sure the VC industry is not left out.


Novel research applied to VC? The Talent Pipeline Program will become our VC publishing house. With student curated material, we're putting together a resource library and becoming SMEs and thought leaders.


Ever want a crash course in cybersecurity VC? Or perhaps healthcare? Bootcamps can help students explore and hone their skills.

Pitch Review

Practice makes perfect. We'll be addressing a two sided marketplace by hosting mock pitch reviews for budding entrepreneurs and aspiring VCs.