Haas Veterans Club

Bringing together Veterans within the Haas community and beyond

Founded in 2008, the Haas Veterans Club is designed to serve U.S. and international military veterans in the Haas community. We are committed to the ideal that Haas is the premier MBA program for veterans seeking growth through personal exploration, transformational professional development, and a mindset of innovation. Club membership is open to veterans, students pursuing careers in the defense industry, and anyone interested in learning more about military service.

The club focuses on four core areas:

Supporting club members as they transition from the military to the civilian sector.

Mentoring prospective military applicants to the Haas MBA program.

Connecting club members into the professional military network.

Serving the Haas, UC Berkeley, and Bay Area communities.


Our virtual info sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions of current HVC members across classes and programs. Our in-person Veteran's Visit day provides an opportunity to meet Haasies and Faculty in-person, an opportunity to attend a class, and an opportunity to get a feel for campus and the surrounding area.

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Signature Programming

Veteran Alumni Networking Events

Throughout the year we host several events, both at Haas and in the city, that connects students with Haas Veteran Alumni in various industries. This networking opportunity allows you to build connections in a less formal setting than school-wide career events.

Veteran Business Events

Many companies across various industries host Veteran-specific events focused on getting to know you and building your experience with them. These events can give you an opportunity to connect with competitive companies in a small-group setting.

Happy Hours

Weekly the Veterans Club meets for a happy hour at our favorite location, Free House. A Haas staple, Free House holds an important role in Berkeley history, but now serves as a core hangout for many business school students.

Veteran's Day and Consumption Function

The core event for the club, the week leading into Veteran's Day plays host to a number of workshops and sessions meant to introduce our Haas classmates to military life. The week culminates in a celebration in the Haas courtyard where we introduce the class to a military staple: the grog.

Admissions Events

Throughout the year, many of the club's members help host prospective and interviewing students to help them gain a sense of the school and the community.

Some of the firms that have hired Haas Veterans

Companies that Haas Veterans have started

Founded by Olaséni Bello, FTMBA '21

Founded by Steven Lee, FTMBA '21

Haas Vets Gear!

Visit our club store to order your own Haas Vets gear.

E: haasveterans@berkeley.edu

Haas Veterans Club

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