Welcome to the Haas Consulting Club! 

The Haas Consulting Club is a student-led organization that serves as a key resource for Haas MBA students considering a career in consulting. The Haas Consulting Club’s (HCC) mission is to provide students with the resources, training, and connections to Haas staff, alumni, and current students with experience in consulting that will help the HCC members explore the consulting space and assist them with finding a job in the consulting industry.

The club establishes links between consulting firms and Haas students, through the Career Center and fellow Haas students with consulting backgrounds. The club provides members a number of resources needed to succeed in the recruiting process with consulting firms. Our activities can be divided into the following major areas:

  • Introducing consulting career options to new Haas students
  • Providing links to consulting firms
  • Helping with consulting applications and interviews

We hope to provide any assistance we can to get interested students through the recruiting process with workshops and practice with the infamous case interviews. We assist international students as well as students from the United States on both domestic and international opportunities. To establish relationships between firms and students, we sponsor firm night activities, provide contacts with alumni and current students affiliated with various firms, invite guest speakers to address important issues, and compile and distribute a resume book.