UC Berkeley Haas School of Business | Groups

For a career in investment management, Haas offers the following electives:
MBA 222 - Financial Information Analysis
MBA 223 - Corporate Financial Reporting
MBA 232 - Financial Institutions and Markets
MBA 233 - Investments
MBA 236B - Investment Strategies and Styles
MBA 236D - Portfolio Management
MBA 236E - Mergers and Acquisitions: A Practical Primer
MBA 236G - Designing Financial Models That Work
MBA 237A - Financial Statement Modeling for Finance Careers
MBA 237.1 - Corporate Risk Management and Valuation using Derivatives
MBA 237.2 - Fixed Income
MBA 237.3 - Hedge Fund Strategies
MBA 237.3 - Private Equity from LBOs to Emerging Markets
MBA 237.13 - Private Equity, Leveraged Buyouts
MBA 240 - Risk Management via Optimization and Simulation
MBA 294 - Investment Speakers Series

These electives also are likely to be helpful:
MBA 218A - International Finance
MBA 231 - Corporate Finance
MBA 280 - Real Estate and Urban Land Economics
MBA 283 - Real Estate Securitization
MBA 292T - Social Investing
MBA 295G - Investing in Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Note: some electives will be available only in the Spring or Fall

In addition, Haas has a top-ranked Masters in Financial Engineering (MFE) program.  MBA candidates interested in quantitative finance are able to take MFE classes and have found it extremely additive and complementary to the MBA finance curriculum (see Student Voices).