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EW Club Officers are your starting point for joining a club! Reach Out and connect to ask questions and figure out if a club is right for you!
  • Doug Norton & Yer Xiong (Class of 17) for General Mgmt & Strategy Co-president
  • Gisella Vilchez (Class of 17) for General Mgmt & Strategy VP Academics
  • Abhishek Mishra (Class of 17) for General Mgmt & Strategy VP Career & Alum
  • AJ Jindal (Class of 17) for General Mgmt & Strategy VP Communications
  • Santha Nandakumar (Class of 17) for General Mgmt & Strategy VP Finance
  • Pedro Moura & Jessica Eting (Class of 18) Net Impact Co- VP EWMBA
  • Sandeep Srinivasan (Class of 17) Marketing Club VP EWMBA
  • Christine Jiang (Class of 18) Digital Marketing and Entertainment Club VP EWMBA
  • Zheng Li (Class of 18) Asian Business Club VP EWMBA
  • Michael Cangelose (Class of 17) for Haas Technology Club VP Marketing
  • Megan Lu (Class of 18) for Finance Club VP EWMBA
  • Vivek Gandhi (Class of 17) for Consulting Club EW President
  • Pooja Iyer (Class of 17) for Consulting Club VP External Communication
  • Richa Gujarati (Class of 17) for Consulting Club VP EWMBA
  • Kavya Mallesh (Class of 17) for Haas Technology Club VP EWMBA
  • Xinyi McKinny (Class of 17) for Berkeley Real Estate Club Co-President
  • Thulasi Narayan (Class of 17) for Consulting Club VP Case Book
  • Mahima Sukhramani (Class of 17) for Women in Leadership VP EWMBA
  • Rob Kazmarek (Class of 17) for European Business Club VP Communicaion
  • Rob Kazmarek (Class of 17) for Asia Business Club Officer

Last Update: Feb 3rd 2016

For Updates, please contact EW VP Clubs