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Executive Team (Elected)

The EWMBA holds annual elections in October for Four Executive Team positions for a term of one year, from December to the following December.

This Executive Team then appoints Vice Presidents to various positions and committees that serve the given needs of the EWMBA students and Haas, and are another great way to get involved! 

NOTE: The VP positions listed below are a sample of possible roles. Students who are interested in applying for VP positions are encouraged to suggested other roles that they believe will serve the EW student community. 

The Executive Team is comprised of the following positions:

  • President: The president serves as the official representative and spokesperson of the association, calls and presides over association meetings, and supervises the actions of the EWMBAA committees.
  • Executive Vice President: The EVP assists in the president's duties upon the president's request, and assumes the responsibilities of the president in the president's absence.
  • Secretary: The secretary maintains the integrity of the bylaws and processes of the association, conducts elections and referenda, records, maintains the minutes of all association meetings, and assumes the responsibilities of the EVP in the EVP's absence.
  • Treasurer: The treasurer maintains the accounts of the association, handles the receipts and disbursements of association funds, prepares the annual budget, and presents financial reports to the executive team on a regular basis.

If you are interested in serving Haas in one of these roles, please review the Elections Process page and lookout for the announcement of elections in October!

Questions? Contact the EWMBAA Executive Team!