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Case Competition Reimbursement Guidelines

Eligibility: EWMBA Students participating in case competitions representing the Haas EWMBA program

Reimbursement Request Form


  • Request must be submitted one week before the semester ends
  • Teams with non-EW members may apply, but the request will be scaled down accordingly
  • The input from the request form will be reviewed by the following EWMBAA VP's
    • Treasurer
    • VP of Clubs
    • VP of Career Management
    • other EWMBAA officers, if needed
  • Requests will be evaluated based on the Selection Rubric below
  • Once the request (full or partially) is approved, an EWMBAA officer will reach out to the contestant and request the contestant to fill out the reimbursement approval form and submit receipts of the reimbursed expenses via email/mail to the treasurer.

Selection Rubric

  • The scale of the competition: Nationwide, statewide…etc
  • Other participating schools
  • The value of the final prize of the competition
  • The amount of time / effort spent in preparation of the competition
  • Whether the funding is a show stopper for the contestant to attend the competition