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I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of both; and I believe they both get paid in the end; but the fools first.
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OK! We've got another poll – this time about something that may actually matter: whether or not to have a screen displaying Haas events in the MBA lounge (that you'd be able to advertise your events and announcements on).
*|SURVEY:Yes to the advertising screen in the MBA lounge!|*
*|SURVEY:No! No more screens, please!|*

Got feedback for the MBAA on anything and everything? Please let us know by clicking here!

Free lunch with prospective students (and Haas friends)!

Prospective student lunches need you! Join onto an existing lunch and get a free meal! 

21st Annual BU Net Impact Case Competition

Info & RSVP
This year's competition concerns sustainability and new technology in Real Estate.

Sync CareerNet with your bMail Calendar!

Now you can synchronize your CareerNet interviews, coaching appointments and workshops directly with your bCal....follow the link to find out how.

Strategic Storytelling Workshop Series

Starting next week
Info & RSVP

Wherever you are in your job search, you need great storytelling skills to be successful – join us and let us help you with your off-campus job search.

Haas Innovation Challenge

Sat 2/20, 9am-6pm
@ Innovation Lab
Info & RSVP

Haas Design Thinking challenge hosted by HaasID, IDEO and Generosity (by Indiegogo)

Farmigo Farm-to-Haas Sample Day

Mon, 2/22,1:30-2:30pm
@ Courtyard
Info & RSVP

Come try free samples of Farmigo products and get a 20% off coupon for first time orders.

Bridge: Asia Business Conference

Thu 3/4, 11am-5pm
@ Nasdaq Center
Asia I/O: Come hear from Google, WhatsApp, SoftBank, Rakuten, and leading VCs


Sign up for Days at Haas!

Sat 3/3 - 3/5
Info & RSVP

Let's keep Haas haasome! Volunteers are still needed to help make Days at Haas an amazing experience for our admits. Sign up now!

20th Haas Women in Leadership Conference

Sat 3/12, 8am-6pm
@ Haas TBA
Info & RSVP

An opportunity to learn and prepare ourselves to champion gender equity after graduation.

Business Term of the Week: "Passionate"

What you say about anything that you have at least a minuscule, bare minimum, tiny, tiny ounce of insignificantly vague and unremarkable interest in, maybe.

"Tell me about why you want to work for our company" said the steely-eyed interviewer. "Well," replied Adam, "I'm super passionate about marketing aluminum, hexagonal toilet-paper holders to open-air, consumer vegetable-oil warehousing companies in the Great Lakes region. Also big data."

Better Know Your Haasmates: Santi Szuchmacher 

Read the full interview here

Patrick: So what is the new semester like?
Santi: It's a bit intense with recruiting.
P: Yeah?
S: Ah I'm flying to Seattle to see Microsoft
P: …
P: … What do they do?
S: Microsoft?
P: Yeah.
S: They're a small tech company. 
P: Oh! Are they the Minesweeper people?
S: They're… no, they're, they're minecraft.
P: Considering that this interview will probably made public … How do you feel about Microsoft?
S: Ah it's the best tech company in the world."

* * * 

P: So my question for you is: which member of the class of 2017 might be a robot in human disguise?
S: That's a very good question.
P: Thank you.
S: Hmm. I would say… our class president, Derek.
P: Hmm. What... what's the give away?
S: Well, he's very well built.
P: Yeah.
S: And he's so nice to everyone. He never seems angry.
P: Unlike the rest of the guys of class 2017 who are just constantly enraged!
S: Right. Yeah. They're all sons of bitches.
P: (laughing) I know… also, I've noticed that if you get kinda close to Derek you can hear… If you put your ear to his back, you can hear a lot of gears whirring
S: Hmmm.
P: You know the best way I've found to see if someone's a robot or not?
S: What?
P: If you give them a laser pointer and then you watch them use it – if they can hold it perfectly still they are robots.