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I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of both; and I believe they both get paid in the end; but the fools first.
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You may have noticed you received Strictly Business on Sunday not Friday. It's because about 2/3 of voters wanted Sunday! Behold! Democracy in action! Expect Strictly Business on Sundays from here on out (Wed is still the submission deadline).

Got feedback for the MBAA on anything and everything? Please let us know by clicking here!

CMG Spring Survey Announcement

CMG Survey is now live! Tell us what companies and industries interest you.

Seeking photos of Class of 2016 babies!

Share photos of your babies/weddings/life events for the class video & website.

Give feedback on NEW CAFE in building

There will be a new cafe! Have your voice heard.

Safety in Berkeley

If you feel uncomfortable traveling to and from campus, take advantage many free nightly safety services offered by UCPD.

Host a Spring Break Coffee Chat!

Want to connect with admits and prospective students during spring break? Sign up to host a coffee chat wherever you'll be in the world. Follow the link for details.

Phone-A-Thon Sign Up!

Welcome our new round of admits by signing up for the phone-a-thon. Deadline to sign-up is March 19th.

Leading Human Rights in Business with Microsoft and Gap Inc.

Tue 3/29, 12:45-1:45pm
@ Wells Fargo
Info & RSVP

Peterson Speaker Series

Inclusive Innovation in the On-Demand with Airbnb and Lyft

Thur 4/7, 12:15-1:30pm
@ Wells Fargo
Info & RSVP

Peterson Speaker Series

Want to share your unique perspective?

Email Lauren Dugard

The Unspoken Rules to Navigating Success

Wed 3/16, 6:30pm
@ Wells Fargo
Info & RSVP

This panel will explore how African American professionals (including Haas alumni) have achieved success professionally.

Get the Social Calendar

(1) Go to Gmail Calendar; (2) At left, click arrow next to "Other calendars"; (3) Select "Add by URL"; (4) Enter this: http://bit.ly/1CcoF7Y; (5) Select "Add Calendar"

Story Salon

Mon 3/14, 6pm-7pm
@ Andersen Auditorium

Join us for a transformative evening with two brave classmates with stories to share.


Bowling BOTW – Hosted by Pro-Bowler Mike Fagan

Thu 3/17, 9pm
@ Albany Bowl
Info & RSVP

Join us for the inaugural BOWLING BOTW! Bowling, beers and buddies. 2 games and shoe rentals for the low price of $8!!!

Become a Story Salon Facilitator

App Deadline: 3/18
Work behind the scenes of Story Salon!

Class of 2016 Lifelong Connections Kickoff

Thu 3/31, 6pm-9pm
Getting nostalgic as graduation ebbs closer? Let’s celebrate why we are so Haasome! More details coming soon!

Wednesday Nights @ Freehouse

Every Wednesday, 8pm
@ Freehouse

Stop by after evening classes to grab a drink, sweet potato fries, and good Haasie company

Haas Got Talent TALENT CALL!

Show: Fri 4/15, 5-8pm
Signup by: Mon 3/28
Click the link to find out how you can participate OR NOMINATE people to perform – all proceeds to C4C!

C3 Fund: Professional Development Reimbursement

Info & RSVP
Apply for up to $150 for costs of conference attendance, case competitions, or career events!

Connect with Haas Alumni

Expert advice for interviews, targeting companies, and learning about industries/functions. Use Berkeley-Haas Career Connect to execute your career strategy.


Data Science and Big Data

Mon 3/14, 2-4pm
@ 202 South Hall
Info & RSVP

Thought Leaders in Data Science and Big Data Analytics Seminar series.

Social Impact NJST

Thu 3/17, 1pm-2pm

Sign up in CareerNet to join a supportive job search peer group facilitated by Christina Meinberg.


Talk and Q&A with Ex-Chief Economist of PIMCO

Mon 3/28, 6pm
@ Wells Fargo Room
Info & RSVP

Macroeconomics on steroids

Company visit - Specialized!

Fri 4/1, 6pm


Specialized Bike Components. Visit the Specialized HQ with the Haas Cycling Team, including lunch ride with employees!

Business Term of the Week: "Bundling"

What microeconomists do when it's cold outside and they put on lots of sweaters, mittens, and a scarf.

"I'd really like to sell these two different products together to maximize my customers' willingness to pay," said Steve, "but I'm too cold to think, so I'm going to have to get all my sweaters, mittens, and scarves and do some bundling first."

Better Know Your Haasmates: Salim Saglam
Read the full interview here

Patrick: I remember your profile picture from before school started, and I’m really sad because you changed it. Now it's just you, you're in suit, you're smiling. But the one from before...
Salim: … Uh-huh in Almaty, Kazakhstan
P: So like why did you, why? How did this come to be? This picture?
S: See, so that's the Alatau mountain range. That is the south of Almaty, you can see the rocky mountains behind… Like Denver in a way. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the view. The snow melting and the rocky mountains. I always imagine a hobbit's village there in the valley.
P: Yeah?
S: And they would move there but they will be attacked by barbarians from the mountain. Yeah so those kinds of thoughts were in my mind 
P: Can we pause for a second?
S: Yeah.
P: So you had this idyllic beautiful home for these lovely creatures...
S: … Yeah
P: … And then you realized that they were...
S: … it was not a strategic placement...
P: … yeah. They were, they were very vulnerable
S: Yeah.
P: And then later on they were killed by orcs and dragons?
S: Yeah. That would be a very bad place and position.
P: Do you think that's representative of how you think?
S: Yeah that's why I chose consulting because I know where the opportunities lie and where danger can come from

* * *

P: As many people remember, I sent hello messages to pretty much everyone in our class. Except for Josh Durodola. Sorry Josh.
S: We love you!
P: How did you feel when you got that my facebook message, from a stranger?
S: Hashtag creep 
P: (laughing) who did you think I was? 
S: A classmate. 
P: Hmm.
S: Um actually, it was nice to be contacted by a classmate 'cause I was busy working back then. I quit work only at the end of July. It was like you were my first organic connection 
P: I was your spirit guide 
S: Yeah but you came in a very creepy weird way back then. But it might have felt that way because I was in a cubicle in my corporate...
P: (laughing)
S: ...outfit, and I thought it was very strange for work but now after I met you in person... 
P: I'm safe for work?
S: ... you are safe for work
P: Why was -- who were you imagining that was creepy? And why wouldn't I have been appropriate for work?
S: I don't know. A guy interested in llamas and holding pineapples?