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I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of both; and I believe they both get paid in the end; but the fools first.
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Welcome to Strictly Business
Leadership The Global Communications in Worldwide!

WOW. It's been QUITE A YEAR. Over here at strictly business our T-shirts are soaking wet from the constant torrent of sadness tears. We're thinking back to all the friends we've made, the taco bowls consumed, and our classmates whose dreams we had to step on in order to move up the corporate ladder. Let's all pause for a moment of remembrance of the good times – falling in love and smearing clay all over each other's bodies – as well as the bad – having to eat an entire live salmon in front our 1st grade class for Reading Partners. Friends, this was a special year and a special time. I'll leave you with words from UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon: "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it."

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The Class of 2016 website is live!

Competitions, treks, video & more. Submissions: haasnews@haas.berkeley.edu

Info Session with Steve Blank

Thu, 5/12, 5-7pm
@ Soda 306 (Engineering)

Learn more about Lean Launchpad Class from Steve Blank and meet potential startup team members.


August 15-19

Can't wait to volunteer? Save the date: 8/15-19. Do our survey to give us an idea of names & numbers.

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(1) Go to Gmail Calendar; (2) At left, click arrow next to "Other calendars"; (3) Select "Add by URL"; (4) Enter this: http://bit.ly/1CcoF7Y; (5) Select "Add Calendar"

Wednesday Nights @ Freehouse

Every Wednesday, 8pm
@ Freehouse

Stop by after evening classes to grab a drink, sweet potato fries, and good Haasie company

Thrift Shop Prom: Last Party of the Semester!

Wed 5/11, 8pm-2am
@ Broadway Studios, SF

Celebrate the end of the semester in style with a live band at the Thrift Shop Prom!

C3 Fund: Professional Development Reimbursement

Info & RSVP
Apply for up to $150 for costs of conference attendance, case competitions, or career events!

Internship with New Berkeley VC Fund

Apply by May 16
Contact Kyle Clark more details
A new VC fund aimed at UC Berkeley startups is looking for a Venture Capital Associate Intern.

Mini-Project Tech Startup Commercialization

Apply by May 16
Contact Kyle Clark more details
A SkyDeck tech startup is looking for MBA input on how to define their business to investors.


Business Term of the Week: "Minimum Viable Presentation (MPV)"

The crappiest, crappiest job you can get away with doing on a final group presentation

"Considering that our final presentation is only 8% of our grade, and none of us have gotten more than 6 hours of sleep in the past week, I suggest we figure out our MVP and go from there."